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Thursday, 10 November 2011 16:31

The ISSA Brussels-European Chapter is proud to announce another interesting event:

IPv6 Security 

IPv6 is a protocol which will impact everyone of us in the near future.

We invited Marc Lampo and Eric Vyncke, experts in the field of IPv6 to talk about the challenges and security implications that this protocol brings.

The Schedule:
18h00 - 18h30: Reception & drinks
18h30 - 19h30: Marc - "IPv6, a new protocol, with new challenges."
19h30 - 19h45: Networking break
19h45 - 20h45: Eric - ‘What about forensic and audit in a post IPv4-address exhaustion world?’
20h45 - 21h30: Networking & closure


The Venue is kindly provided by Cisco:
Pegasus Park
De Kleetlaan, 6A
B-1831 Diegem

Registration procedure:  Please click on registration button. {dtregister}4{/dtregister}



Marc Lampo performs part-time, free-lance consultancy, specialised in networking and security.
Because of its importance, focussing on IPv6, both for network related and security related aspects.
Over 25 years of networking experience, as teacher, working with an ISP and with two integrators.
Presently full time employed as security officer for EURid.

Since 1997, Eric Vyncke works for Cisco as a Distinguished Engineer reporting to the CTO by helping customers with security designs and since 2005 with IPv6 deployments. He assists product design by advising engineering teams in Cisco.
He is a guest professor at a couple of Belgian Universities (where he helped the IPv6 deployment), participates regularly at the IETF (author of RFC 3585 & 5514). He is also a respected speaker at several conferences such as RSA Conferences.
He holds a CISSP certification and is the main author of 'LAN Switch Security' and the co-author of 'IPv6 Security'.


"IPv6, a new protocol, with new challenges."
The motivation for IPv6 should be clear, by now, I'll spend only little time on this.
But rather focus on what IPv6 does in a different way then IP(v4)
and so point at new challenges for network and security administrators.

"What About Forensic and Audit in a Post IPv4-address Exhaustion World?"
The long-planned IPv4-address exhaustion is now a reality. This brings two new technologies: sharing IPv4 address among thousands of individuals and deployment of IPv6. Both techniques have their own challenges to keep forensic and auditing working. This session explains what the limitations are and the future prospect of each. Corporations must be ready for both for at least 10 years!



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