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Wednesday, 22 February 2012 15:35

We are pleased to announce our next event on Thursday 8 March.

Memory Corruption and Application Sandboxing


We invited Peter Van Eeckhoutte (Corelan Team) and Didier Stevens.

The Schedule:
18h00 - 18h30: Welcome at PricewaterhouseCoopers (Brussels)
18h30 - 19h30: Part 1: “2012.eip=41414141” by Peter Van Eeckhoutte
19h30 - 19h45: Networking break
19h45 - 20h45: Part 2: “Let’s Go Play In The Sandbox” by Didier Stevens
20h45 - 21h30: Networking & closure

With special thanks to PricewaterhouseCoopers for hosting of the evening and for the catering.

The Venue :
Woluwedal 18
B-1932 Brussels
how to get there


Registration procedure:

Register here:


Abstract “2012.eip=41414141” (Peter Van Eeckhoutte)
In this talk, Peter will provide an overview of the history of some of the memory corruption conditions in the Win32 environment. He will explain how these conditions, despite the introduction of several memory protection techniques in Windows Vista/2008/7/8, can still lead to arbitrary code injection & execution today. Finally, he will showcase how tools such as mona.py can assist with writing reliable exploits.

Abstract “Let’s Go Play In The Sandbox” (Didier Stevens)
Google Chrome, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Adobe Reader, ...
All these products have a feature to protect against the effects of exploits: a sandbox.
A sandbox does not prevent exploitation of a vulnerability, but it contains the running exploit in an environment (the sandbox) to prevent the exploit from modifying the operating system it is running on.

First we'll get into the underlying technologies of sandboxes, and then we'll discuss the different implementations of these sandboxes and point out important details when choosing and implementing.
As an IT pro, you'll be better informed to select the right product that offers the right sandbox for your needs, and as a developer, you'll hear about OS technologies that help you implementing your own sandbox in your software.

Bio – Peter Van Eeckhoutte

Peter Van Eeckhoutte is a CISO and the founder of Corelan Team. He enjoys doing security research in his spare time and provides exploit development training at various conferences, private companies, government and military organizations.

Bio – Didier Stevens
Didier Stevens (Microsoft MVP Consumer Security, CISSP, GSSP-C, MCSD .NET, MCITP, MCSE/Security, RHCT, CCNA Security, OSWP) is an IT Security Consultant currently working at a large Belgian financial corporation.

He is employed by Contraste Europe NV, an IT Consulting Services company (http://www.contraste.com) You can find his open source security tools on his IT security related blog at http://blog.DidierStevens.com


We hope to see you there!


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