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Friday, 30 March 2012 10:20

We are pleased to announce our next event on Thursday 19 April

PCI, an introduction (Peter Johannes, Atos Worldline)

Trustwave Global Security Report 2012 (John Yeo, Spiderlabs)

The Schedule:
18h00 - 18h30: Welcome at Atos Worldline (Brussels)
18h30 - 19h30: PCI, an introduction (Peter Johannes)
19h30 - 19h45: Networking break
19h45 - 20h45: Trustwave Global Security Report 2012 (John Yeo)
20h45 - 21h30: Networking & closure

With special thanks to Atos Worldline for hosting the event and providing catering.


Registration procedure:


The Venue :
Atos Worldline
Haachtsesteenweg 1442
1130 Brussels
Click here for the access map

Presentation - PCI, an introduction
The PCI standards are the basis for an increasingly important and impacting body of
rules in the card industry, with impacts in sometimes unexpected corners. The
presentation aims to clarify the situation by detailing
- why is there a need for something like PCI?
- who is PCI? What is the governance structure? How is compliance managed?
- which standards exist? How do they coexists and interdepend? PCI & SEPA?
- PCI-DSS, a short tour and some practical considerations

Speaker Bio:
Peter Johannes (Dr. Ir., MBA) is Head of Security of Atos Worldline NV/SA, and
Security Architect for the international operations of Atos Worldline.
Peter has extensive expertise in the payment domain since 1994, where he
participated during 5 years in the EMV standardization as Europay representative.
After a few years of senior security consultancy Peter joined Atos Worldline where
he is in charge of the security department. One of the main tasks is the
implementation of the various security compliancy requirements and managing the
corresponding audits. His pet peeve is that being compliant does not necessarily
means being secure.

Presentation - Global Security Report 2012
The Trustwave 2012 Global Security Report highlights top data security risk areas,
offering predictions on future targets based on analysis and perceived trends. In
2011, one of the most notable trends was the targeting of customer records; 89% of
attacks were focused on obtaining personally identifiable information, credit card
data and other customer data. The report discusses this trend and many more, and
defines how companies across the globe are leaving themselves open to data security

The briefing is aimed at management level and addresses the following areas:
* Highlight the threats targeting sensitive data within the enterprise
* Demystify state-of the art-attack methods uncovered as part of our data breaches
* Review real-world security research, placing the most common weaknesses under the

Learning Objectives:
* Understand how organisations are being compromised today
* Understand what risk factors are associated with data compromise
* Learn from the unfortunate mistakes of compromised entities
* Insights into the security posture and proactive security activities of other
* Ask the experts - your questions answered, drawing on the experiences of having
consulted to 100s of enterprises across the globe

Speaker Bio
John Yeo is the Director of SpiderLabs for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
SpiderLabs is the global advanced technical security services team within Trustwave
responsible for:

* Security Analysis and Penetration Testing
* Incident Response and Investigation
* Research & Development

John's has extensive professional information security expertise with a particular
focus on large application security programs and enterprise class penetration
testing service delivery.
Prior to his management roles, John has delivered technical security consultancy and
led security testing assessments for major IT programs within both government and
the private sector. He has a particular interest in dealing with the complexities of
technical security within the financial services sector, with a sound understanding
of financial markets and the unique security requirements organisations in this area
He is often invited to speak at closed-door security working groups and workshops on
data security; sharing insights on the ever evolving threat landscape.


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