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Monday, 14 October 2013 00:00

We are pleased to announce our next event with Vince Gallo and Kris Boulez, which takes place on 21 October on the theme "Defence in Depth: Protection, Detection & Response". The venue is kindly provided by PwC Woluwegarden - Woluwedal 18 - 1932 BRUSSELS.

The Schedule:

18h00-18h15: Welcome at PwC Woluwegarden
18h15-19h15: Protection: 
                       Security Architecture - Changing the Landscape: by Vince Gallo, Residual Data
19h15-19h30: Networking break
19h30-20h30: Detection & Response:
                       Cybercrime: Readiness & Response: by Kris Boulez, PwC
20h30-....h....: Networking & closure

With special thanks to PwC for hosting the event.


Register here:


Security Architecture - Changing the Landscape
In this presentation Vince Gallo will introduce SABSA - the world's most successful free-use and open-source security architecture framework.
SABSA is adopted as a formal and de facto standard throughout the world with more than 3000 formally certified Security Architects in 42 countries and is officially recommended by The Open Group (amongst others) as the best method for securing Enterprise Architecture. 
It is a disciplined, business-driven approach to the development of an enterprise security architecture which will deliver a security capability properly focused on meeting the evolving needs of the business in a way that leverages your existing strengths, models and investments.
Through a proactive framework to provide business assurance and enable new business opportunities, SABSA provides an organisation with full traceability of how its investment in security supports its business goals, targets, critical success factors and capabilities.
Cybercrime: Readiness & Response
Recent news coverage on security incidents (Belgacom, prime ministers)  has shown that cyber crime is very much real in Belgium.
Cyber crimes are committed by a multitude of offenders with various motives: insiders behaving badly, competitors seeking an advantage, transnational criminal enterprises stealing for profit, foreign governments seeking an economic or military advantage, and terrorist organizations disrupting services. Organizations must be prepared to forensically investigate cyber intrusions, data theft, and insider malfeasance.
An overview of Incident Response processes and tools will be given, with specific emphasis on how an organisation can be prepared for an incident.
The analysis methods for suspected malware will be described in detail with examples using freely available tools.
The event will be kindly hosted by PwC at their Brussels office.
Speaker Biographies
Vince Gallo is an internationally respected authority on the design and implementation of security and cryptographic software.  He has developed security products for more than 25 years, including hardware, tamper-resistant devices, and high assurance software.
He is the author of more than thirty papers on security issues, and has spoken at international conferences on security for over ten years.
Kris Boulez has extensive experience in Technology Consulting in general and Information Security in more depth. In the beginning of his career Kris was active in System- and Network Administration, which gives him a strong technical background. When he moved into Information Security his work has been in the design and implementation of (enterprise) security architectures and incident response.
Kris joined Ascure in May 2007 (Ascure was acquired by PwC in 2011) and has since then worked on Incident Response, PKI and (Web) Application Security.
He has worked for organisations in different sectors (finance, government, utilities, media) and on multiple continents..
In addition, he is known for performing security advisory services for critical infrastructures on topics concerning incident response processes and investigations


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