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Friday, 06 October 2017 00:00

We are delighted to invite you to the GDPR event, with two presentations

- GDPR: The Morning After: Bavo Van den Heuvel
- Compliance to Enablement: Enterprise Security Architecture & GDPR: Maurice Smit

The venue is kindly provided by Proximus (Marconi Room (P01P128) Proximus Tower Koning Albert II-laan 27 B / Bld du Roi Albert II 27 B, 1030 Brussels).

Theme of the evening: GDPR with a Twist

With the date of GDPR coming into force rapidly approaching, we have lined up a couple of presentations by two leading thinkers on the premise:
- Waking up on the 26 May 2018: What will the world really look like?
- What you will have wished you had done to prepare?
- What should you be doing now (and how) to avoid a major headache in that new world?

The Schedule:

18.30 – 19.00  Welcome reception with light refreshements
19.00 – 19:45  GDPR: The Morning After – Bavo Van den Heuvel
19:45 – 20.00  Break
20.00 – 20.45  Compliance to Enablement: Enterprise Security Architecture & GDPR – Maurice Smit
20:45 – 21:15  Networking and discussion

With special thanks to Proximus for hosting this event.


GDPR: The Morning After

I hope you all already did you GDPR homework and started at least working on that register, mapped all your personal data (flows) and updated all the data processing agreements… May 25 th 2018 is no end and 100 % compliancy does not exist and is not feasible. So what to do to sustain your compliancy level, what actions are needed on a regular basis.
•      The register needs maintenance: new software, new processing operations.
•      New DPIA’s will be needed, major upgrades in software trigger DPIA update.
•      Yearly all privacy measures taken have to be evaluated.
•      New processors have to be assessed.
•      First set of privacy metrics can be put in place
•      Your competitors change things, the market ask new things, the government comes up with new things, maybe you have to comply with a code of conduct or your clients ask for a GDPR certification
•      Employees’ awareness needs yearly updates
•      Data subjects will start exercising their rights
•      Data breaches have to be handled, communicated and used as input for prevention and improvement.

In this session Bavo will guide you with practical advise on how to cope this, after all you do not want a hangover the day after 

Bavo Van den Heuvel is commercial engineer, FIP, CIPP/E, CIPM, CIPP/IT certified and obtained the certification as ISO27001 Lead Auditor and Forensic Computer Auditor. He is Faculty Member at the IAPP. He is recognised as a true specialist in applied privacy and IT-security. He is founder and Director of Product Innovation at Cranium Applied Privacy NV. Since 2004 Bavo is Data Protection Officer.
Translating the data protection needs between legal/business and IT-(security) people is his daily challenge!


Compliance to Enablement: Enterprise Security Architecture & GDPR

With GDPR looming on the horizon for next year, many European enterprises are focusing on the very real challenges of compliance. In this session, we will show how the SABSA Enterprise Security Architecture Methodology’s focus on enabling the business delivers legal and regulatory compliance in ways that enable the business through improved effectiveness, efficiency and competitive advantage.

We will demonstrate business enablement throughout the SABSA lifecycle: from understanding enterprise goals and objectives; identifying the opportunities and threats related to new regulatory requirements to define enablement and control objectives into using these objectives to drive design, implementation, and operations. The SABSA approach provides the means to deliver business-driven compliance that enables a business to achieve its goals, rather than a compliance-driven business tied-up in regulatory knots

Maurice Smit Instructor and Principal Consultant, David Lynas Consulting
Maurice R.P Smit is an Information Risk & Security Management specialist with over 15 years of IT experience including development, operational maintenance and management. He is a founding member of the SABSA Institute Board of Trustees and was one of the first people in Europe to achieve SABSA Practitioner Certification.
Maurice has contributed significantly to the development of the SABSA methodology, including co-authoring the “SABSA for Enterprise Risk Management” training course and leads the volunteer effort “SABSA World” with the aim of establishing regional SABSA communities of interest.

Registration is mandatory.

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